Flightscope X2

Flightscope will make a massive difference to your game just like it has to mine!


I use a Flightscope X2 during coaching sessions because it is a state of the art golf ball Launch Monitor.

It turns coaching golf into an exact science which means much faster improvement for you.

Many of the top players and coaches in the world use one to turn theory into fact. The Flightscope allows me to instruct you on where your face angle is at impact to the nearest degree along with your swing path, club head and ball speed and efficiency of striking the centre of the clubface. It also tells me the exact the distance the ball has travelled in both carry distance and total distance after it has rolled.

The Flightscope is available for use during all lessons if it is required.

All the main manufacturers are using this system to custom fit their Tour Pro's. Tour Coaches like Sean Foley also use this technology as it is so accurate and precise! Some tour pros don't even send their swing for analysis anymore they just send their Flightscope numbers.



Golf lessons are now available in all types of weather at Dan Wood Golf Academy. This is thanks to a brand new coaching studio which has been constructed recently at Ivyleaf Golf Course. I use the latest Flightscope technology and an HD Projector to make your coaching experience indoors as good as it would be outdoors on the driving range.

You can see your actual ball flight, shot trajectory and shape, your clubhead speed, ball speed, club path, angle of attack and club face position at impact all to the nearest degree. Understanding your swing tendancies and how to improve them has never been easier and more accurate.

As a special Winter offer I am offering four 40 minute Flightscope lessons for only £99. Usual price £128. This includes detailed e-mailed feedback after each lesson and drills to improve your golf game.

Please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details or call 07944291103.