Nick Dymond

Nick Dymond

Jan 2011

I first took a lesson with Dan Wood a year ago; a complete novice, having never really held a golf club before.  Within a few months, several more lessons and A LOT of practice, Dan had me setting-up, swinging the club and striking the ball in a style that I had wrongly assumed was the reserve of the superhero professional.  For me Dan has made the golf swing simple; I swing the club and the ball (usually) goes where it was designed to go; straight, high and long.

Dan listened to my sporting aspirations and took me more seriously than I even took myself.  When it comes to golf, Dan is the ONLY person I listen to (including myself).  My only regret is that I hadn’t met him 30 years ago.

My experience has altered my view regarding tuition.  After practice, lessons with a qualified profession are to me without doubt the greatest investment that I have made in sport.

Maj NRM Dymond MA RLC

Guildford, Surrey.