Linzi Gaywood

Testimony for Dan Wood

April 2016

At Easter we visited Bude on holiday. As part of our holiday we played golf at Ivyleaf and I booked a golf lesson with Dan.

The lesson in the new studio was fascinating and I would strongly recommend it to both novice and experienced golfers. The technology is amazing and when linked to Dan’s crystal clear explanations it makes for an incredibly useful resource!

I then decided to take the playing lesson with Dan and set off for 9 holes on a beautiful spring morning with stunning views towards the sea from all parts of the course. Dan helped me put the theory into practice on every shot I played. As a result of the studio lesson and all his advice I was hitting 20/30 yards longer with virtually all my clubs and managed to elevate the ball more than ever before. His advice on shot and club selection was exceptional. To top it off Dan is able to email you both the videos from the session and all the personalised tips he has given you!

Throughout both sessions I was most impressed with Dan’s whole approach. His lovely  manner, enthusiasm and outstanding technical knowledge made it the best golf experience I have had. I would whole-heartedly recommend Dan and Ivyleaf for anyone lucky enough to be in the vicinity!

Mrs Linzi Gaywood