Lawrie Bridges

Lawrie Bridges- 2 Handicap

I’ve been struggling with my game for a long time after I’d suffered a lower back injury and had developed extra faults in my swing that I couldn’t fix, but I saw Dan up the range one day and was impressed with his enthusiasm to help and his keen manner in explaining details clearly and simply.

It was during my first lesson that I was quite astonished when he found the cause of my bad shots so quickly, and we then started to work at the root of the problem. I like the way he teaches specific drills which make short cuts to rectify swing flaws, and more importantly, I have full belief in what he’s telling me because of the direct feedback I get from his use of video playback and his state of the art Flight Monitor.

I am now confident that I can improve and lower my handicap, which I couldn’t previously play too! Many thanks Dan.