Dan Vanstone

Dan Vanstone - 2 Handicap        Former Euro Pro Professional

I've been struggling with my game for the last few years, trying to get back to the standard I know I can play at. After a few lessons with Dan this season I can see major improvements in my game, we have worked on every club in the bag and i now find myself getting back to hitting the shots that I know I'm capable of.

Today I had a lesson and was able to look at ball flight, spin rates, club speed and so much more with the aid of flightscope (launch monitor). The flightscope was also able to show that the irons I'm currently using are too upright and the shafts are too soft. I tried some different shafts and could see the difference immediately!

Whether you're thinking about starting to play or an experienced golfer looking to improve, I would highly recommend booking a set of lessons with Dan. I find him to have great enthusiasm for teaching and an extensive knowledge of the swing, which he communicates in an understandable way.

My son has just started to play and goes along to Dan's lessons on a Saturday morning, which he really enjoys. I know as long as he listens he will continue to enjoy and improve.

Dan Vanstone